The key to Locking is to have fun! So, if you are looking for a different type of class that will bring you a smile on your face, this class is for you. 
In this class we will cover the foundations and techniques of Locking, the groove (funk) behind it and the basic steps, which you can use to build your own style and expression to be able to freestyle. You will then learn a fun choreography with a combination of all the basic steps. The whole class will be on funk music, perfect to lift your spirits! 
If you’ve never done Locking before, this is the perfect chance to explore an entire new type of movement for your body. 
If you are a street dancer, this class will give you new inputs and insights to grow your style!

The class is taught in english. 

Flavia Caselli Hip hop underviser hos Dansestudiet Aarhus

UNDERVISER: Flavia Caselli

TID: 20 00 – 21 00 Tirsdag

NIVEAUER: 16+, Alle


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Hip hop

20:00 - 21:00